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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jobseekers. For Employers

For Jobseekers. keeps a database of resumes from anyone interested to be matched to any vacancies available in the network of employers. Whether you are looking for a job or not, submit your resume in our database and you will receive a job alert when an opening that matches your job criteria is listed by any employer. You can also choose to either receive the alert through your email or your mobile phone through SMS, or even both.
For Employers
For an affordable fee, employers can list any vacancies available on Employers can also look into the database of potential candidates for screening and look for any suitable ones. By engaging services with, you can be sure to locate the right candidate in our database.
Career tips.
The portal also holds a section of career tips meant for anyone working in the corporate world. Graduates, managers, experienced employees should look into this reference section to gain insights to how to climb the corporate ladder effectively. Tips like dressing and grooming, presentation skills, body languages are some of the resources here.
Job seeker tips.

The portal also provides up to date information on job seeking activities. Road shows, interviews, what to wear, how to write an effective resume are resources found in this section.
Chatroom chatroom is the community section where issues are discussed and advise can be sought on working life and job seeking issues. 

 Browse Job Vacancies by Industry Sector
Accounting (0) Administration / Clerical Support / Secretarial (5) Advertising (1)
Aerospace / Aviation (0) Agriculture / Forestry / Fishing (0) Airline (0)
Architectural Services (0) Athletics / Fitness / Sports & Recreation (0) Automotive (0)
Bank / Finance / Securities (0) Beauty Care / Health (2) Building / Construction (0)
Business Analysis / Data Analysis (0) Business Consultancy & Development (2) Call Centre (0)
Chemical (0) Civil Services (0) Company Secretary (0)
Counseling (0) Credit Collection (0) Customer Service (0)
Design (2) Documentary Credit / Bills Processing (0) Editorial / Journalism (0)
Education (0) Energy / Natural Resources / Oil & Gas (1) Engineering (6)
Entertainment - Artists / Singers / Musicians (0) Environmental Science / Waste Management (0) Food & Beverage (0)
Gems & Jewelry (0) General Management (0) Hospitality / Hotel Services (1)
Human Resources / Recruitment (1) Information Technology(I.T.) (5) Insurance (1)
Junior Executive (1) Kerajaan / Government (0) Laboratory (0)
Legal & Compliance (0) Life Science (0) Logistics - Distribution / Inventory Mgt / Warehousing (0)
Manufacturing (2) Marketing / Public Relations (4) Media & Communications (0)
Medical Services (0) Merchandising (0) Mining (0)
Order Processing & Operation / Settlement (0) Others (1) Petroleum / Petrochemical (0)
Pharmaceutical (0) Photography / Video (0) Printing / Publishing (0)
Procurement / Purchasing / Sourcing (0) Property / Real Estate (0) Quality Assurance, Control & Testing / ISO (0)
Research & Development (R&D) (0) Research / Survey Services (0) Sales (7)
Scientist (0) Security / Safety Control (0) Skilled Worker (0)
Social Services - Community / Non-profit Organization (0) Student / Fresh Graduate / No Experience (0) Technician (3)
Telecommunications (0) Top Executives (CEO, CFO, CTO, GM, MD etc.) (0) Tourism / Travel Agency (0)
Trading (0) Translation / Interpretation (0) Transportation / Shipping / Freight Forwarding (0)


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