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Friday, March 26, 2010

CO.CC:Free Domain

I know this might be sound lame. Everyone does know CO.CC domain right? Well, let me help you to refresh back. CO.CC is a domain name company that offered you free domain name which include DNS server and many more. Well, this service is pretty awesome. Atleast for anyone that is not ready yet to pay for domain name or just for someone that like freebies like me.

So, today i want to make a tutorial on how to register a CO.CC domain name. Many and many people failed in this staged. A lot of them registered an account at CO.CC but didn’t make full used of it. So, if you still stuck just follow this tutorial. I’ll teach you how to register and setup this free domain name.
First of all, go to CO.CC. Register under me i so  also can help you in tracking your domain name. Just click on the link and you will be forwarded to CO.CC homepage. Click on create an account now. You may skip this step if you already have one. Then, fill up all your details with email, password and all that.
make a free domain account Register free CO.CC domain name
Now, go back to CO.CC and did you see the check availibility box? Enter your own preferred domain name. You also can included ‘-’ symbol in your domain name. And yes, you might need to retry for several time to get the available domain name.
enter free domain name Register free CO.CC domain name
Then, if you have found any available free domain name, click on continue registration. Fill in all the details that is needed and continue sign in to your account.
register free domain accoun Register free CO.CC domain name
Now, here is the part where almost people failed to do. After you have activate your free domain name, you need to setup it in 48hours or else you domain name will be deactivated back. So, you need to be quick.
activate free domain name Register free CO.CC domain name
Now, you are in the domain name setup page. There is 3 option to be choose.
  1. Manage DNS (Can be hard for newbies)
  2. Zone Records (Also hard a hard task for newbies)
  3. URL Forwading (the simple thing that almost everyone can do)
Well, for this time i really suggest you to use the third option first. Let you domain name being activate first then we can switch to whether the first or second option. I will make a tutorial for that. So, let say we choose the URL Forwading for now. Click on it.
domain name redirect Register free CO.CC domain name
Fill up all the things. First, put your real URL of your website or blog. You also can add this to your Friendster Profile URL or your Myspace URL. Enter the title of your web and choose which frame do you prefer. I highly recommend you to choose URL Hiding to make it look more professional. Then, enter the Meta Description and META tag. Just fill up anything in it. It doesn’t matter. If you want to make an email account using your free domain, you can choose the Google Apps Email Setup. Just leave that untick if you don’t know how. After everything done, click on SET UP.
And now your done! You now can register for another domain name. Each account only can register maximum 2 free domain name. So, consider to donate to them so you register 100 more free domain name. Register now free domain name!CO.CC:Free Domain


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