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Monday, March 1, 2010

Share Button
The Share Button is the easiest way to allow your content to be shared on Facebook.


Link to share:

Paste this code in the body of your site:
Making sure Share preview works
When a user Shares your content, we look at your page to find a relevant title and image, and media if you specify it. You should add tags to your page to help us find this information.
See the documentation for help with setting up these tags.
Understanding how Share works
Regardless of the implementation, Share always uses the url format below to show the user the preview. Feel free to create your own implementation based on this.
We also provide an API to query data on shared items.
See the documentation for detailed information on Share and the API.

Easy Facebook Share Button on Blogger / Blogspot
Log In your Face Book and then...
Just Click HERE


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