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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Prepare to be happy.

If we were Apple, we would be making this announcement with huge fanfare, over the course of weeks, driving you nuts about the next big thing to come from Cupertino.  If we were Microsoft, you’d be seeing a bazillion dollars a day being spent on water-downed TV ads. We like for our accomplishments to speak for themselves:
You now have the ability to run Non-Incentive offers through CPAlead using our new Splash Widget.
See how easy that was?  With one sentence, we’ve opened the floodgates for you to make even more money with CPAlead.
I can hear your questions now,  “What’s the difference between the CPAlead Incentive magic versus the CPAlead Non-Incentive magic?” , “What is a Splash Widget?”, “How do I create a Splash Widget?”, “What’s The Payout?”, and “Why is CPAlead giving us such a wonderful gift?”
Whoa there! I know you’re excited. We are too. Let’s go through these one-by-one.
“What’s the difference between the CPAlead Incentive magic versus the CPAlead Non-Incentive magic?”
User Experience.  Non-Incentive offers allow you to “lightly monetize” without compromising user experience.  Your users are simply, briefly waiting to see the content they are looking for on your site. According to our research, this actually increases the excitement for, and value of, your premium content.
“What is a Splash Widget?”
Think of this new Splash widget as an interactive, picture driven, timed commercial.  It presents the Non-Incentive offer to the user perfectly.
“Enough Already!  How do I create a Splash Widget?”
It’s so easy that you will almost wish it was more complicated.  First, click on the ‘Surveys’ tab in your dasbboard.  You will see the following:
Now, click on the View Non-Incentive Offers button.  You will then see the following:
Choose up to three offers and click the Create Splash Widget button. You’ll be asked to name this new widget and have the ability to change the Header Text, Skip Button, Close Delay, and Footer text.  C’mon, do you think we wouldn’t give you the ability to completely customize this?  Click the Create Splash Widget inside the popup window when you have finished setting these settings.
And Shazamm!  When you see the message telling you that your widget has been created, you can call your friends and family to gloat about creating a Splash widget of Non-Incentive CPAlead offers.
To see your masterpiece, click on the Widgets tab.  You will see your shiny new widget in the widget list.  When you test it, you will see something like this:
Finally, sit back and let it soak in:  NON-INCENTIVE CPAlead OFFERS.
Rather watch one of our resident geniuses, Steven Speilberg*, walk you through it?   Well, here you go.
“What’s the Payout?”
This is the best part.  Our Non-Incentives pay incredible rates and perform better than many Incentive offers.  Check them out in your Dashboard.  Our advertisers love us so we pass that love to you.  Do you feel the love?
“Why is CPA giving us such a wonderful gift?”
Even though we are one of the world’s highest trafficked websites (850 on Alexa today), we won’t rest until we can’t generate more traffic because our traffic turns into more money in your pocket. We know that money isn’t a very personal gift, but the great thing about cash is that one-size-fits-all.
*The Steven Speilberg that made E.T. and Indiana Jones has nothing to do with this video. The Steven Speilberg we reference is a one-day nickname given to our resident CPAlead genius who creates the instructional videos.


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