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Friday, October 15, 2010

KPLI Application can only be made online (online) to access the web Ministry of Education Malaysia at the address: 08 February 2010.At start can be made online using the Individual Identification Number (PIN) that can be purchased at the National Savings Bank (BSN) in the whole country with a fee of RM 6.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Six only) through the counter, ATM and banking Simplified Information System (SMS).

KPLI Applicants are advised that access the web for advertising information, compatibility degree with areas of specialization, structure, programs and activities calendar before making permohonan.KPLI candidates allowed to submit only ONE application.

KPLI candidates can use the same PIN number to make amendments to the details of the application has been submitted. Amendment details the application is limited only three times and must be made before the closing date of application.
Candidates who meet basic eligibility requirements and to follow the course Teaching Degree Then this Test selection candidates are required to sit for Teachers Malaysia (Malaysian Teacher Selection Test - Mtest) and attend the interviews will be set by the Ministry of Education. (Refer to Activity Calendar Application KPLI June 2010 Intake in Ad Lepas Teaching Degree Courses Application for more information.)
Priority given to candidates who possess the right and appropriate to the applied field. (Please refer to the list of suitability degree in Advertising Application Course Teaching Degree But for further information).
Candidates who are called to sit Mtest required to print a test ticket calls from the website of the Ministry of Education Malaysia and brought together during the test.

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