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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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Should I go direct to University or Transfer?!

I am a fairly competitive high school senior (3.8 uw gpa, 4.0 w gpa, lots of ecs, decent scores) and have always thought of going straight to University (not community college), but now that I attend a Middle College High School (con-current enrollment @ high school and college), I'm starting to re-think my options. By the time I graduate high school, I'm going to have 42 college units, which means I would only need 18 (one semester) to transfer to a 4-year university in the Spring of 2011.

What would you suggest I do?
I still have no idea what to do, I'm on the fence :/
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Could you explain what would be the benefits of transferring? I don't understand your conflict at all.
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If any of those 42 credits include AP credits then they will not count as transferable credits.
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No, none of them are AP units.

And basically, transferring would be going to a community college before university. It's not getting the same college experience, is apparently less esteemed, etc, although it is MUCH cheaper.
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Well, where are you wanting to go to university at?

Transfer admissions at top schools are usually a lot more competitive than freshman admissions. So from the point of view of giving yourself the best shot at getting into highly competitive schools, you should apply as a freshman if you believe your high school record is strong enough. On the other hand, if you think your HS record is too weak, you could try to do really well in college and then transfer, although I still see no harm in applying as a freshman anyway. If anything, you could be surprised and get in or, if not, you could possibly get a so-called "transfer option," which would make transferring there easier.

You should also keep in mind that not every college offers spring matriculation for transfer students and a select few colleges don't offer transfer admission at all (although the vast majority do; just check to make sure).

And you shouldn't say that a community college would definitely be cheaper until you know what scholarships and financial aid you're getting.
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Prestige doesn't enter into the equation when the Community College option is being considered. And rightfully so. It's a practical comparison of the benefits, detriments and the potential student's individual needs. Money is a practical consideration. Does the community college have a broad enough curriculum so that the student could transfer with most of his/her General Education requirements satisfied? Etc.

Also, some universities guarantee admission as a transfer for holders of Associate degrees from specific community/junior colleges. For example, most of the 4-year state colleges in Virginia, including UVA, have established guaranteed admission agreements with virginia community/junior colleges. At UVA for example, the transfer student is guarantted admission to the College of Arts & Sciences if his cumulative GPA is 3.0; George Mason University mandates a 2.70 GPA for transfers, I believe.
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