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Monday, April 12, 2010

Can all of u post ur suggestion here?

IPTA has lost its quality, due to the kouta system.

IPTS is expensive but nicer.

i'm planning to do ChemEng but havent made up my mind where to go.

I'm planning to do twinning program in SEGi or maybe ADTP in Sunway College.

But some also suggested that i go for the UPU, which is IPTA.

What do u all think? Which one is better? Quality-wise?

i've read the local u vs private u.

its dead. i want to start a new one.

so, which one???

i personally think that private college is better. coz i'll be graduating with an overseas degree with the twinning programme.

IPTA no quality, low standard (sorry to say), a lot of unemployed graduates.....

I think it depends on ur budget... if u hv d money... go for a HIGH QUALITY private college/ uni ... good luck


I think IPTA ( UM, USM, UKM, UITM, UIAM ) has lower quality education than unis overseas.

ANYONE here to defend IPTA?
would love some kind of debate.

I asked around, my aunt, dad and all, they said if they are to interview someone for a post, they one with degree overseas would stand bigger chances.


Come On!


Saya neutral.

Anyway, for the medical course, IMO, I don't think the university you graduated from plays a major role as patients in the end will remember and will recommend doctors that have a pleasant personality and most importantly, has the competency to relieve patients of pain and suffering.

This was actually discussed in another ReCom thread before.

RM 0.00

Originally Posted by Yvonne89
kp chen,

can you provide me the url. please senior...

i search for it but it is never ending search.
It's somewhere in the Everything About Medicine SIG. If you really want the best info, consult actual medical students like youngyew and Patrick and seiken.

i'm into engineering. any seniors under JPA doing engineering to US or UK kpchen?

perhaps you could introduce someone to me?

thanks in advance.


Fees for medicine at IMU costs at least RM330,000.

Fees for medicine at IPTA for example UM is only RM9,000.
Which one is better?

Hard to judge.

Yes, IPTA's critical courses is 90% booked by students from matriculation that has questionable standards. We cant do anything about that.

If you can afford it, of course you can consider going IPTS.

But if you are from a poor family, can you simply say "I want to do medicine"? Quality of IPTA might be compromised, but not all students, lecturers or facilities are like that.

So let's just say both have their pros and cons.


Just share :


lau said...

I'm a UPSI student,But,I think IPTS also best lah,such as MMU,UNITEN and UTP.

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