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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Structured Settlements

Structured Settlements

Structured settlements provide steady income over time. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances leave you in need of money. One option is to sell structured settlement payments for up-front money. Your structured settlement annuity is a great resource to you.
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Annuities give you payments over time, and can be a great financial tool. But if you need liquidity, we may be able to help. Want to sell annuity payments?
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Lottery Prizes

Did you know that most lottery winners choose the lump sum option when given a choice? Since 1989, we have been giving lottery winners a choice of receiving their prize money up-front. Not ready for a lump sum? Try a quick cash loan exclusively for lottery winners.
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Slot Jackpots

If you hit a big slot jackpot, you may have decided to receive your payments over time instead of all at once. You can now have the best of both worlds - get up-front cash for some of your prize and continue to receive the rest of your payments over time.
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Discover the Flexibility of the Lump Sum Option

Stone Street Capital offers you many customized, flexible options to convert future payments into immediate lump sum cash. Talk to one of our experts today for a free consultation and find out how much money you can get right now.

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