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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Annuity Liquidity Program™

An annuity purchase program for insurance agents, financial planners, advisors, producers, and brokers

Stone Street Capital’s Annuity Liquidity Program™ allows for an exit strategy for annuities. We provide the up-front money for annuity payments so that your clients can manage:
  • Cashing out inherited annuities
  • Changes in retirement planning
  • Estate planning and wealth transfer
  • Investing in alternative insurance products
  • Any immediate financial needs
Stone Street Capital’s Annuity Liquidity Program™ allows you to provide a new service to your annuity clients who have:
  • Inherited an annuity
  • Annuities they wish to cash out
  • Annuities with high surrender fees
  • A portfolio with less liquidity than desired
  • A desire to better position assets for transfer to heirs
  • SPIAs or any fixed annuities that are no longer the best solution
Agents and Advisors Annuity Owners
  • Financial liquidity
  • Ability to invest in alternative products that match risk tolerance
  • Flexibility to modify existing portfolio
  • Opportunity to avoid high surrender charges
  • Best in class service

For more about our Annuity Liquidity Program™, please call (800) 351-5207.

Disclaimer: We do not purchase variable annuities, or annuities with enforceable anti-assignment provisions. All purchases subject to applicable law. We do not provide tax or investment advice. You should consult your own attorney, accountant and tax advisor regarding any sale of an annuity.


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