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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1. Question: For a business borrower's financial resources from MARA, can be a guarantor of exchange and replaced with another surety on the same qualification?

Answer: Yes, change can be a guarantor, but the following conditions must be adhered to:

   1. New Guarantor has the same entitlement to guarantee long
   2. Consent was obtained from the guarantor that long to switch to the new guarantor
   3. The financing has not taken enforcement action by the MARA
   4. Applications for change of guarantor is valid after the approval of the State Level in Business Financing Committee / Division / Headquarters / Supreme (according to the amount requested / approved)

2. Question: Is MARA consider rescheduling repayment of loans / guarantors?

Answer: Yes, Mara consider rescheduling the repayment of loans after the first referred to the Office of the State level berkenaa MARA. The borrower / taxpayer should submit a number of loans rancangusaha dealing.

3. Question: How does the loan provided for Class F contractors?


Applicant Qualifications: -

   1. Citizens of Malay descent Bumiputera Malaysia
   2. Has been doing business
   3. Aged 18 years and above
   4. Have experience / knowledge in the field of business conducted / to be established.
   5. Can contribute their own capital is not less than 20% of project costs
   6. Engage in a full business
   7. A license / permit / approval letter from the authorities to conduct business, including a license PKK, CIDB and the Ministry of Finance

Submit security / security (a): -

Deposit: -

   1. Land - The land force at least 20% of total financing. Can own land or family owned / other (must obtain prior written consent)


A. Poor funding of RM50, 000

    * One of the guarantor
    * Fixed monthly income not less than RM500 per month

B. Financing of RM50, 001 and above

    * At least two sureties
    * Fixed monthly income of not less than 5% of total financing.

By the period of the contract 6 months

Applications can be made through the office of the Mara Region in the project contract is executed. For more information, SDR can visit the website at the address MARA MARA or office area in the vicinity.


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