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Thursday, February 3, 2011

I am excited to write this first article in as I believe this sharing will  benefit many of us. AbangAbu will be sharing simple ideas and tips about money. Today's article will be more of making us understand why a person must learn about money and become financially smart.
In today's financial world, investing had become so complex that one who without financial knowledge will never understand. To be successful in today's investing climate, a person must be financially intelligence. How to be one?
AbangAbu felt that with many guru's and expert says different things to become successful with money, many of us become confused and felt lost.
One expert says that diversifying is good and another person says be focus on one.
One says to clear your debts and don't borrow and another one says leverage with debts.
One says stock investment is the only way to become millionaire and another one says its only thru property one can become millionaire.
One says business is the way to become rich and another says internet is the way.
These alone can make us to go bonkers, who should we listen too? Who should we believe?
How is a person to know where to start when all those called experts and guru's speaks as is there is one and only one right answer for all, yet each has a differing and conflicting opinion. This does not make sense.
There beauty of investing and money world is that there are unlimited numbers of ways to make money and there is no one right answer.
But there is one right answer for you and that is the key. You are unique individual with your own skills, background, experiences, and outlook on life. You have a risk tolerance that is unique to you and not same as other readers.
This is also a reason why I love financial education and I love to coach people on it. There are also many workshops and programs available in the market claiming that they will show you the way to riches. These programs assume that one size can fit all. And that assumption is not correct.
Each one us is unique and everyone have to plan uniquely so that you can succeed. This is what is fun and challenging in this business. How are you going to retire will be not the same with others, and how you going to make money is not the same with others too.
So how can one sort through all the hype and conflicting opinion to create your unique strategy to success?
This is where the need for better financial education becomes so important for every one to better manage their finance.
AbangAbu will take the coming weeks in providing greater financial education that you can apply as well teach your family. As our school does not teach this skill , "financial literacy can help and prevent younger people from making poor financial decisions that can take years to overcome".
AbangAbu believe that the need for financial education is universally true for all ages and not limited to only certain people.
You have to be responsible with your own money as no one will ever care about it for you. How you going to handle the massive half truths statements form the proclaimed experts if you have no financial education.
As from this week take time to read books and magazines about money and finances. Do talk about it with friends and also family members.
AbangAbu will be meeting all of you again in the next article. May Allah bless all of us with barakah and rahmah , Ameen.


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