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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Swine Flu Prevention Recipe 2

For Adults Over 18 Years Old:

Can be done by yourself and with a group of people.

1) Please recite a G-d Affirming Prayer.
(Lord's Prayer,The Kaddish or Thanks to Presence).

2) For Prevention: SKIP to #3)
When Ill: Ask for forgiveness to have taken on
the illness.

3) Ask your body to strengthen itself against The Illness
and for every cell of your being to return to its natural vibration. (Breathe, Relax).

4) Say a heart felt prayer for healing all parts of you.

5) Ask others present to pray also, together. (Can be near or long distance)

6) Say this slowly while you feel the love.

a) "I am completely open, I am receiving love and all of me is resounding only to love."
Once you feel the good 'love energy' begin, rest in the feeling for 9 seconds. (Feels like a heavy pulsing).

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7) Rest in that lovely energy for 10-15 minutes.

8) When ill, repeat every 2 ¾ hours. (or exactly 2 hours and 42 minutes) Repeat up to 6 times in 24 hours, the body needs the rest time in between for recovery.

9) Love Energy should feel good, if it begins to feel heavy, allow it to end by saying,
"Please end this." OR Just stop thinking about it.

What if I can't feel love?
To help with 'blocks', send some thoughtful prayers to any parts of you experiencing a trauma in your life. Request that all of you heal. Keep requesting and STILL DO the exercise. You are still receiving the good energy and in time will be able to sense it.

Please pray for the health of others as well.


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